If Education Could Kill

Just now, i saw an ironic news on Reportase Malam (TransTV, 2 am in
the morning). A highschool girl tried to commit suicide in West
Sumatra, Indonesia. On the news, they said that Sri (the girl's name)
tried to end up her life by consumming large number of medicine (the
one we use for headache). When the news were reported the girl just
layed unconcious on the hospital ward. She seemed very weak as a
matter of the medicine she drank.
Then, what made the calm and good-behaviour girl did that?
From the news, it's known that the girl tried to killed herself
because she (and her family) can't pay her school re-registration fee.
She felt very ashamed and frustated that she won't be able to continue
her highschool study to the 3rd grade, just because she doesn't have
'money'. Furthermore, the narration also told that the girl were also
ashamed because she hasn't pay her school fee for the last 8 month.
She had no option than being spelled out from school.
Bye-bye school! Farewell education..

Is this the face education in my lovely country?

Now questions fill my mind.
Is education educated?
Does education educate?
Ironic isn't it?
When we busy with our (boring) daily actifities of education, a LIVE
out there was almost ended by the recent facts about education..
If education could kill, what can make us alive?

There won't be education for all, unless all is for education..